Your bed, their bed, our bed.

One thing we know for sure...we're all lucky to have beds. Right? Beds to rest our heads, beds to build connections, beds to explore, to experience and be comforted. Pretty damn lucky, I'd say.

See, from the beginning of time beds have served multiple purposes but have remained a necessity for all with no deviation. A bed to sleep in is the foundation from which we all function. At set + settle, we celebrate that necessity. We celebrate every single bed in every single place. Because whether it's your bed, their bed or our bed...we've got beds. Let set + settle elevate every bed you find. It's what we do.

Spray between the sheets.

Stay between the sheets.


For destinations you didn't know existed, check out our Travel B | L | O | G and scoop us some of that luxury travel sheet spray. TSA approved.

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